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How to Bypass an IP Ban

Have you ever faced an IP ban? Or has any of your online activity been limited due to IP restrictions?

It’s a common practice but puzzling as well. Many websites and brands limit data access on their platforms to prevent spamming and enforce their terms and conditions. However, these frequent IP bans often create a frustrating barrier among internet users, limiting their online experiences. If you are also facing one such condition, relax; you are not the only one. And with some simple methods, you can easily bypass IP bans. Here is a step-by-step guide by our experts. Scrolling down will help you learn how an IP ban works and how you can quickly resolve the problem.

IP or Internet Protocol, in its full form, is a computer’s identity address on the internet. It helps track the flow of data across systems. IP bans work by denying and blocking certain IPs from accessing particular services and platforms.

What is an IP Ban?

IP or Internet Protocol, in its full form, is a computer’s identity address on the internet. It helps track the flow of data across systems. IP bans work by denying and blocking certain IPs from accessing particular services and platforms.

What happens during an IP ban?

During an IP ban, your system and network are temporarily restricted from accessing certain sites and their services. The IP ban is further characterized by messages such as “your limit outreach,” “you reached your daily limit,” “403 forbidden,” “you can’t access the site,” “temporarily unavailable,” and so on. As the name suggests, an IP ban is temporary and resolved after a while.

How Long Does it Take to Solve IP Restricted?

The issue of an IP ban usually takes up to 24 hours to resolve. However, in other cases, it might take more than 24 hours and resolve after 48 hours. Sometimes, users misinterpret the server issues as an IP ban. To check if your system is actually IP banned or not, you can use a VPN or proxy to double-check. It will help you to realize if you are actually facing the IP ban or if it’s just a technical glitch. You can wait for the problem to resolve automatically. But, if you are into web scraping or SEO research, it might affect your professional tasks.

What Are the Reasons for the IP Ban?

You might be wondering about certain reasons for IP bans. There are plenty of actions that trigger IP bans to create additional security. The first and foremost reason is the detection of suspicious activity that raises the security alarm and creates a shield of IP ban. Such activities may include:

  • Multiple failed attempts to log into the platform (maybe because of the wrong password or username).
  • Suspicious of cyber threats and data breach activities.
  • Pricing plans, when the platform only entertains a limited number of free requests.
  • Violation of the platform’s terms and conditions.
  • Occurrence of cyberbullying, spamming, or distribution of malicious content.
  • Potential unauthorized access.

Ways to Bypass an IP Ban in 2024

Let’s start with the main topic: how can you bypass an IP ban and resolve the issue?

VPN: The Primary Tool To Surpass IP Bans

We all have heard of VPNs. It is one of the most efficient and accessible ways to surpass an IP ban. A VPN, expanded as a virtual private network, masks your original IP address. In simple words, it allows you to hide your IP addresses and cover them with a different one. Thus, it bypasses IP bans and allows you to access the network again with the same device.

Pros of using VPNsCons of using VPNs
Allows quick debuggingInconsistent functioning
Secure and encryptedSlow internet speed
Reduce support costsVulnerable to data threats
Convenient and accessibleData risks for big organizations
Targets limited countries

Proxy Servers: The Most Consistent One

If you are seeking consistency while surpassing the IP ban, trust proxy servers. Unlike traditional methods to bypass IP bans, proxy servers are consistent. Further, they are available in different types, such as rotating proxies or static, that are compatible with a large set of protocols. They act as a bridge between your network and the IP ban website, thus allowing you to bypass an IP ban. As an intermediary, they overcome the website’s set barrier. Unlike other methods, they are affordable and reliant, and you can opt for free trials as well to check the functionalities.

Pros of using Proxy ServersCons of using Proxy Servers
Available in a large number of countriesNetwork incompatibility
High speed and bandwidth limitsHigher costs
Pay-as-you-plan options available
Load balancing
Enhanced protection against data risks and cyber thefts

Tor Browser: A Free Overlay Network

You might not have heard about the Tor Browser before, but it is another free way to bypass IP bans. A Tor browser works by establishing virtual tunnels in your network. Thus, it shields your identity and allows you to browse the internet anonymously. A plus point is that it is an open-source tool and isn’t limited to specific websites. For a better experience, you are advised to disable your Javascript.

Pros of using Tor BrowserCons of using Tor Browser
Open source toolExtremely slow network speed
Establish anonymous connectionIllegal for certain businesses and websites
Numerous routing nodes are availableInefficient for downloading large files
Cheaper than other methodsChances of getting permanent IP bans
Illegal in certain countries as well

Try Changing IP Manually

Most of the time, when an IP issue arises, the address on the server is banned. Thus, if you want to overcome the situation, all you need is a new IP address. If you are not into believing tools, you can try changing IP manually. However, the method is not always efficient and works with a dynamic IP. When you are trying to change your IP manually, remember your original IP address. You can either keep a screenshot or write it somewhere.

Steps to Change Your IP Manually

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on the Internet & Network settings.
  3. Select the Advanced option.
  4. Then, click on the WiFi (alternatively Ethernet for LAN connections).
  5. Click on View additional properties.
  6. Find the IP address and click on the Edit option beside it.
  7. Select Manual and toggle “IPv4” on.
  8. After that, click on the slider beside IPv4 and add a new IP address and other information.
  9. You are done now. Just click on the Save option appearing on the screen. Afterwards, you can access the restricted website with your new IP.
  10. Once you are done with your tasks, reset the original settings and IP addresses.
Pros of changing IP address manuallyCons of changing IP address manually
Doesn’t require additional tools or equipmentError-prone and inconsistent
Safe for individuals or personal usesRisky for businesses with multiple devices
Limited remote access
Potentially slower

Clear the Cache Files

Even after trying multiple ways to unblock IP bans, if you fail to resolve the problem, try cleaning the cache. Cache files are temporary information stored in the computer that carries related information. Sometimes, they are also responsible for IP bans. Thus, you should regularly clean cache files from your browser and system to restore your network speed and accessibility.

Change the Device

Still unable to access the restricted website? The last option to bypass an IP ban is to change the device. You can try accessing the same website and its services from other devices, maybe those of your family or friends. However, the idea of keeping changing devices is quite bizarre and not effective against location-based IP bans.

Which is the Best Way to Bypass an IP ban?

The above guide quickly complies with the pros and cons associated with different methods to bypass an IP ban. Each method has some advantages linked with concerns. Based on the information, proxy servers are definitely the best method to bypass IP bans. Further, a residential proxy server comes with an automatic rotating option. Thus, it changes your IP addresses from time to time, allowing you a seamless web scraping experience. However, for an enhanced experience, trust the best proxy provider, such as WTFProxy. With a quick response rate and user-friendly interface, WTFProxy assures full-scale anonymity and wider protocol support. Further, the pay-as-you-plan options, starting at $2.00 per GB, make it affordable for both individuals and organizations.

A Way Forward

We are living in a digital world. Here, web scraping and data analysis pave the path for hundreds of professions, such as SEO, data engineering, and analysis. And issues like frequent IP bans and network restrictions can cause major inconveniences. There are plenty of ways to overcome IP restrictions. While selecting one, you should be careful to avoid permanent IP bans and data breaches. To avoid the risks associated, always trust a reputed method and provider. Modern methods, such as proxy servers, work across different countries and are safer alternatives. Further, it is cost-efficient and a faster option in the long term.

In summary, while bypassing an IP ban is challenging, it’s definitely not impossible. Choose any of the options: VPN, Tor Browser, or Proxy Server, and overcome it. However, be a diligent global internet user and use these tools responsibly. Neither creates a problem for yourself or for the world. WTFProxy is a reliable and global proxy provider that works in more than 175 countries and offers an assured method to bypass an IP ban.