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Finding the Best Proxy Checker Online: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you visited a website and failed to access it, even when you have a proxy on? What can be the reason behind it? How can a proxy checker online find it?

Ever found yourself in a situation where you’re using a proxy server, but it’s not solving the problem? You might be facing an IP block or restrictions, and a proxy server alone isn’t enough to bypass them. That’s where a proxy checker comes to the rescue. It allows you to check if your proxy is actually working or not. Thus, you need not waste your time wondering if you have technical problems.

In this blog, we have compiled everything you need to know about proxy checkers and how they allow you to maximize the use of proxy servers. Plus, in the end, we have also revealed the name of the best proxy checker online and how you can access it, answering all your queries and questions. Let’s jump to the topic without wasting another second.

Understanding the Need for Proxy Checker Online

IP ban or IP restriction is a term that is not new to the present digital generation. It usually happens when a website temporarily blocks you from accessing its services and information for certain reasons. For example, sometimes, it might be because of security reasons, and on the other hand, it might be because of pricing plans. You can solve such situations by using tools such as VPNs or proxy servers. These complex tools can be hardware, software, or web services. With their capabilities, they can access sensitive information, such as user details, subscription enquiry, and location-based data, to establish the connection. However, even using proxy servers doesn’t grant you full success in accessing restricted IPs. Further, you always need to double-check the compliance requirements. Here, proxy checkers are great instruments for ensuring the functioning of proxy servers. A proxy checker tool helps you check if the proxy you are using is actually working or not. In simple words, like humans, proxies can be bad and good, and a proxies checker helps you to differentiate between the two and find the best one for your requirements.

7 Advanced Features of Proxy Checkers

Now comes the question: what are the functions of proxy checkers? Unlike the name suggests, the role of proxy checkers extends beyond just testing the functioning of proxies. Advanced checkers are capable of running across thousands of proxies and filtering them according to parameters like speed, accessibility, and so on. The only drawback is that you might need a premium payment option for the most advanced ones. Here is the list of functions a proxy checker tool can deliver:

Evaluates proxies in bulk

Evaluating a single proxy can be frustrating and time-consuming for individuals. However, bulk proxy checkers help you to evaluate bulk proxies in a single step. Thus saving you time and effort in the long term. Whether you are an individual, marketer, or business, if you want to run a precise and rapid proxy assessment method, you may think of using a free proxy checker.

Speed test

If you are using a free proxy, you might be annoyed about their slow functioning. Sometimes, paid ones are not able to meet your requirements; however, if you use an advanced proxy checker, you can check the performance speed of your proxy. Not only that, you can also find the maximum and average speed of your current proxy to make an informed decision.

Check your anonymity level

Proxies have different anonymity levels. While few offer complete protection of your IP, others create a partial security layer. Advanced proxies checkers can reveal the anonymity level of proxies. Thus, you can choose the best one that aligns with your needs and requirements.

Specific geo-targeting

Few proxies work on the specific locations. To ensure that the proxy you are using actually works within your location, you can use a proxy checker. It will help you to use the right one with the highest anonymity level.

Robust spam check

If you are using a free proxy, there might be a high chance of spamming. Free servers are likely to provide the same IP addresses to multiple users, which leads to cyber risks and security issues. Moreover, such servers may even result in a permanent IP ban on your network. Thus, before using a proxy server, you can use a checker to identify its spam score.

Swift and accurate results

And do you know what’s the best part? Whatever you search or analyze through a proxy checker is 100% reliable, proven and accurate. Thus, the proxies searched through the checker are of premium quality and assure anonymous and uninterrupted online activities.

Diversify the proxy list

For specific requirements such as SEO research or web scraping, you might need a particular proxy offering features like high speed, enhanced anonymity, etc. Ever wondered how you can find the proxy meeting your specific requirements? Simply by using a proxy checker, you can diversify the types based on your criteria. An advanced one helps you to go behind the proxy under specific categories such as protocol support, locations, anonymity level, and others.

You might find different proxy checkers online classified as basic, advanced, free, or paid. Thus, there are concerns about finding the best one. You might also be wondering if you should invest in premium proxy checkers or go for a free one. Well, the answer is simple: the one that aligns with your needs. Here is the difference between the two that will help you to make an informed decision.

Free Proxy CheckersPaid Proxy Checkers
Free proxy checkers don’t have such rigid pricing plans. You can find the best one on some top-rated sites that provide proxy services. The only drawback is that many free proxy checkers don’t come with advanced features except WTFProxy Checker.On the other hand, you can access paid proxy checkers online only after paying the required proxies. These checkers offer all kinds of advanced features. You can think of purchasing the premium proxy checkers.

Which is the Best Proxy Checker Online?

With so many options available on the internet, it is always a task to find the best proxy checker online. Before we tell you the names of the best proxy checkers, let us quickly go through the qualities that make a proxy checker tool the best in the race.

Qualities of the Best Proxy Checker Online
PricingIt is available for free.
SpeedIt produces quicker and more accurate results.
FeaturesIt offers advanced features such as diversification of the proxies.

Free Proxy Checker Online From WTFProxy serves all these three purposes, making it the best on the internet.

How to Use the Best Proxy Checker Online?

You might be wondering about the requirements for using a proxy checker online. Is there any software that you need to install? Or does it affect the security of your system? Worry less. An advanced proxy checker tool is totally safe for your system. It doesn’t create any security alerts or data risks. You do not need to install any software or tool for the same. Here’s how you can use proxy checkers online:

Free Proxy Checker Online

  • Go to your search bar and search WTFProxy Proxy Checker Online.
  • From the search results, click on the top results.
  • You will automatically lead to the WTFProxy checker windows.
  • On the given box, type the list of your proxies in the format username:password@host:port. In case your username and password are optional, then it’s just host:port.
  • Once you are done with updating the list, click on Check Now.
  • And, with the blink of an eye, you will find the quickest yet most accurate results.
  • The side option contains a list of working and non-working proxies classified in the relevant categories.
  • The best part is that it is a free checker and doesn’t charge you any money or subscription fees. You can find the results free of cost.

A Way Forward

An IP ban or restriction can be frustrating for anyone, especially if you are into data research or web scraping. Even a temporary server down can create professional disruptions for you. However, what’s more frustrating is investing in the proxy servers and realizing that even it’s not working for you. Wasting your time and efforts, you can’t keep on checking every single proxy for its regional availability, speed, and other criteria.

That’s what creates the importance of having a reliable and quicker proxy checker that can save your efforts and time in the long term. The entire thing turns out great if you can find an advanced and free proxy checker online. Here, WTFProxy checkers come to the rescue and help you differentiate the proxies based on their features and functioning. WTFProxy also provides the best residential proxies at an affordable price.

Happy Web Scraping!